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Also included in the Board Game package are:
Playing Pieces: For up to ten players; a variety of different cruise ships, (ranging from small to mega-sized), also a choice of freighter, super yacht, catamaran, computerized sailing yacht, sailing clipper and 50 foot sailing ketch.
Score Card: By which individual players keep track of the different islands that they have visited. The Score Card features 160 different Caribbean Island destinations, featuring 24 naturally occurring Island Groups (for example, the islands of the Bahamas, the Exumas, the islands of the Dutch, French, Honduran, Mexican or Venezuelan Caribbean, the Florida Keys or the Virgin Islands, among others).
200 Island Cards and 200 Ship Cards, which tell of over 500 years in the history, culture, battles, landmarks, rain forests, beaches, flora and fauna (in the skies, on land and below the waves of the beautiful blue waters), festivals, indigenous peoples, religions, hikes, local cuisine, art, literature, sailing regattas, scuba and snorkel dive sites, music, pirates and carnivals.
Extra copies of Score Card, pencil and eraser.
Rules and Regulations.
Two dice.
The Winner’s Envelope.


A TASTE (Dhawg) …

is all that WorldWide Cruise Line’s Caribbean Cruise Board Game (and this blog) can offer anyone interested in learning about the realities of the world that surrounds us. More importantly, it is hoped that this game can also offer a taste of our inner world which is to be found by reflection, contemplation and meditation. Everything else, all the research and hard work, that has to come from you.

In the 400 Island and Ship Cards of this game we are shown more than 500 years of Caribbean history and culture, war and peace, sea and sand, and that is just the beginning of the journey … The game has been designed to be played by family and friends of all ages, in the time-honored tradition of games across the centuries and around the world, to help illuminate and educate (especially those of tender years who can apprehend and also intuitively understand much more than perhaps older persons may appreciate).

The daily Ship Card seems today (31/10/11, Day 80) to be appropriate to the climate in the outside world at this moment of time, showing how our present day problems mirror those of oppressed peoples hundreds and hundreds of years ago … Plus ça change; plus c’est la même chose … In recent months and years we have many examples of people who have paid an ultimate sacrifice to tell the world about the gross inequalities that men and women suffer in the hands of colonial powers, monopolists, tyrants and dictators ~ perhaps if we let our children see the truth from an early age, then these martyrs would not have had to pay that ultimate price.

For more information about Dominica, Grenada and their people, culture and history please see this link


For a guidance in meditation;

sit quietly
close your eyes
breathe gently
let the mind become still
come to feel your real inner self
allow truth to arise from within

Albert Einstein ~ ”The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is the faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 400 Whether you are diving Cozumel’s Palancar Reef, the shipwrecks at Cayos Lobos or the cave of

the sleeping sharks off Isla Mujeres, remember to protect and conserve your environment. Also, please … leave only bubbles  ooo ººº °°° ˚˚˚  ̊ ̊ ̊  ~  Island Card (visiting Islands X-145, X-146 & X-149) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 399 Friendship Hill offers great views for hikers on Canouan (pronounced can-ah-wan), with Salt

Whistle Bay on the island of Mayreau off to the south. At the north end of the island, Maho Bay is one of many beautiful white sand beaches amid a calm turquoise sea.  ~  Island Card (visiting Islands M-90 & M-91) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 398 When ss Azure Sea arrives at St.John your shoreside excursion is a choice of 20 different

walking or hiking trails, (try the Cinnamon Bay Loop or maybe Reef Bay), and one underwater snorkeling trail beneath Trunk Bay, (a stunning white sand and palm-tree-backed beach). Have Fun. ~  Ship Card (visiting Island J-65) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 397 While visiting Salt Cay on board ss Caribbean Star relax at one of the superb, small, quiet

guest houses. Choose from water sports, horseback riding, bicycling, beachcombing or sunbathing, before finishing off the trip with catch of the day (lobster, grouper or cracked conch), peas’n’rice and callaloo. ~  Island Card (visiting Island E-33) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 396 When ss Caribbean Star docks at the bustling port of Clifton on Union Island, (one of the

Southern Grenadines), you visit the local handicraft shops, boutiques and art galleries for collectibles; then head for the beautiful blue waters and powdered sands of the magnificent Chatham Bay. ~  Ship Card (visiting Island M-92) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 395 After ssc Island Dancer moors by the town of Hamilton in Pembroke Parish, Bermuda, your

Shore Excursion takes you to City Hall then on to the Bermuda National Gallery with its superb portrait paintings by Gainsborough, Reynolds and Murillo; also featured there are contemporary works by local artists which reflect upon the island’s history and heritage. The time spanned by these pieces of art is from the 16th century to the present day.  ~  Island Card (visiting Island Parish G-51) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 394 Most of the population of Guanaja live just offshore on Hog Cay in Bonacca, a crowded town

with narrow twisting streets and houses built on stilts that line the waterways which bisect this “Venice of Honduras”. Rent a boat and relax while fishing during the afternoon. Later, after catching a medium sized snapper you visit a local restaurant where the chef prepares and cooks it for the main course of your dinner. ~  Ship Card (visiting Islands V-137 & V-138) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 393 On board the ssc Island Dancer your mooring off Saba near the Marine Park lets you and your

diving buddies dive Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, discovering steep walls and towering sea-mounts with purple pipe organ and barrel sponges, black coral and an abundance of large fish – grouper, turtles, sharks and eagle rays. ~  Island Card (visiting Island R-117) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 392 During your stop-over on Petite Martinique while sailing aboard ss Caribbean Star, your hike

to the top of the volcanic peak, “Piton” or spike, rewards you with a great view of the surrounding islands of Petit St.Vincent, Carriacou, Union and Canouan. ~  Ship Card (visiting Islands M-86, M-91, M-92, M-93 & M96) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 391 When visiting Ambergris Caye on board ss Mayan Sun, take a day trip to the ancient Maya site

of Altun-Ha on the mainland. Here in the lush tropical jungle, amid the ruins of temples and tombs alongside residential and ceremonial structures, you will find the Green Tomb in which are the remains of a Very Important Person, along with pearls, shell beads and a large piece of solid jade elaborately carved into the shape of a head.  ~  Island Card (visiting Island W-139) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 390 After arriving at St.John on board ss Caribbean Star you find that the best place to learn

about the local fringing reefs and barrier reefs (wall and shelf-edge), along with all the creatures who live amongst them, is the Visitors Center at the National Park headquarters in Cruz Bay with its excellent displays and identification cards. Then … Take a field trip.  ~  Ship Card (visiting Island J-65) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 389 When Indigo Sails moors off the town of Livingston in Guatemala you travel up the Rio Dulce

to Lake Izabel and view the ruins of Fort San Felipe, built in the mid-17th century to guard against pirates and privateers plundering lakeside warehouses where gold, silver, pearls, gems and spices were stored and made ready for shipment on board treasure fleets bound for Spain. ~  Island Card (visiting Caribbean destination W-143) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 388 Indigo Sails arrives at Cayman Brac and you anchor off Brac Reef beach. Relax on white sands

and in clear blue waters while enjoying the peace and tranquillity that is life on this tropical hideaway.  ~  Ship Card (visiting Island Y-153) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 387 The ss Colombia docks in St.Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and your choice of beach and water

activities include parasailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, jet skiing, day party cruises, sunset cruises, island hopping (maybe to St.John or Hans Lollik island), yacht chartering, spinnaker-flying, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking or deep sea fishing … ~  Island Card (visiting Islands J-65, J-66 & J-69) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 386 When ss Azure Sea docks in Antigua you go strolling in St.John’s and find first edition

books about the Caribbean alongside ancient maps of the islands. You complete your shopping with visits to different art galleries that feature both local and regional artists, then strike an excellent bargain for an addition to your watercolour collection. ~  Ship Card (visiting Island K-70) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 385 While on board sv Tradewinds make sure when you visit Roatan that you go on to Barbareta

Island, a Marine National Park with hiking trails, a Parrot Preserve, coconut palm gardens, the Morat Wall scuba dive and a Payan (the first inhabitants here) archaeological site where you may find shell, pottery or even jade artifacts. ~  Island Card (visiting Islands V-134 & V-136) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 384 When ss Azure Sea visits St.Thomas (USVI) your Shore Excursion is a trip to the Underwater

Observatory at Coki Point, where you descend below sea level and have a 360° view of coral reef life. See denizens of the deep in the predator tank; the marine gardens collection shows unusual reef species; and the touch tank allows you to handle smaller living creatures. When back on land, follow the tropical nature trail to the mangrove lagoon and admire local flora and fauna (especially the hummingbirds and flycatchers).  ~  Ship Card (visiting Island J-66) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 383 After the mv Riviera docks at Port Willemstad, Curaçao, your first stop is the floating

market on the Punda side of Santa Anna Bay. It is awash with homegrown and imported vegetables, brightly coloured fruits and freshly caught fish: Many of these will find their way to your onboard dinner table tonight.  ~  Island Card (visiting Island R-115) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 382 A drift dive to The Boulders, close by Admiralty Bay on Bequia is to be recommended: The

60 feet descent down a coral slope takes you to schools of blue chromis and sennets, barracudas on patrol, crabs, lobster and shrimp; going deeper, rock formations with tunnels, holes and caves provide hiding places for nurse sharks, moray eels, grouper and angelfish. See if you can spot a frogfish or seahorse as you slowly resurface on your way back to the boat.  ~  Ship Card (visiting Island M-87) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 381 When ss Azure Sea anchors off Porvenir Island in the San Blas archipelago, Kuna Indians

paddle their dugout canoes out to meet you and sell their fabulously coloured Mola, (textile art forms), which depict different events in the lives and life of the Kuna people.  ~  Island Card (visiting Island T-126) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 380 When mv Riviera docks in St.Martin a visit to the Marina Port La Royale is always in order:

With a variety of cafés, pastry shops and restaurants to provide refreshments, you can stroll among old Colonial houses and designer boutiques; also, perhaps, make an investment at one of the art galleries with their fine examples of Caribbean oils and watercolours alongside wood carvings and sculptures in a variety of media. Don’t miss the small museum which traces St.Martin’s history back in time.  ~  Ship Card (visiting Island L-84) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 379 After ss Caribbean Star sails over the reefs to reach the eastern side of Isla del Maiz, you

dive close to the Drop-Off and find a lobster hole ~ a small cave full of lobsters. You catch a dozen of these delicacies and give them to the Executive Chef on board to cook for everyone at your dinner table this evening. ~  Island Card (visiting Island U-131) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 378 After you arrive in Miami to begin your cruise on board ss Magellan to the island of

Hispaniola and the Western Caribbean, you rent a dive boat at Miami Beach Marina and snorkel the schooner wreck near Bear Cut in Biscayne National Park. ~  Ship Card (visiting Islands A-1, A-2 & F-47) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 377 While you are ashore from Indigo Sails on the island of St.Vincent, wander through Kingstown

and choose some souvenirs to take home: Try the boutiques which stock locally made, hand painted dresses in brightly colored flowing fabrics; or the, again hand painted, cotton t-shirts. Arts and crafts are highly valued here with homegrown produce and ancient techniques being utilised by local artists.  ~  Island Card (visiting Island N-103) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 376 When the ss Mayan Sun visits Jost Van Dyke (rhymes with toast), you confirm your experiences

of the other British Virgin Islands – The landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful; the beaches are some of the finest (check out White Bay); and the inhabitants of the islands are extremely gracious and unfailingly hospitable.  ~  Ship Card (visiting Island H-56) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 375 When Indigo Sails docks close by Cancun and the Riviera Maya, the first order of the day is

an authentic Mexican culinary feast. You are invited into the kitchen of the beautiful Maria and admire terra-cotta Coahuila pavers on the floor and hand painted ceramic tiles on the walls, alongside locally produced copper pans and glazed clay pots; all of which, together with other traditional cooking utensils and locally sourced fruit, vegetables and produce, are used to create a freshly made, mouth-watering, spicy delight.  ~  Island Card (visiting Island X-144) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 374 The ss Neptune anchors off Georgetown, Grand Cayman, and even if you don’t scuba dive, check

out the ship’s underwater photography gallery where you are sure to find a fabulous multi-coloured photo showing the inhabitants of the local reef in all their glory. This photograph will decorate one of your walls back in the real world.  ~  Ship Card (visiting Island Y-150) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 373 Kingstown, St.Vincent, has its skyline broken by church towers: Firstly, St.George’s Anglican

Cathedral with clock tower and stained glass windows; then St.Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral School and Presbytery, a mix of Roman, Baroque, Gothic and Moorish architectural styles; also, the large Methodist Church and steeple.  ~  Island Card (visiting Island N-103) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 372 The Captain of sv Tradewinds anchors off an unnamed beach on Marie Galante island; the

ship’s gangway is lowered into crystal-clear turquoise waters and you spend the afternoon sunbathing on deck and snorkeling amid the coral reefs. ~  Ship Card (visiting Island L-85) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 371 While Christopher Columbus sheltered his boats, a nearby Spanish treasure fleet was

destroyed by hurricane in the year 1502. This year you run from Hurricane Juliette and sail directly to Pembroke Parish, Bermuda, where you must stay until you roll a dice combination of 8 or over.  ~  Hurricane Card 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 370 On board ssc Island Dancer your visit to Antigua is highlighted by a Shore Excursion to

Nelson’s Dockyard National Park in English Harbour. This was once home base for Admiral Nelson and the British fleet, circa 1785; the area now includes restored colonial naval buildings, beaches, archeological sites and nature trails. Later in the day head to Shirley Heights for steel pan bands, barbecue and wonderful sunset views. ~  Ship Card (visiting Island K-70) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 369 When ssc Island Dancer moors at Spot Bay off Cayman Brac (Gaelic for Bluff), climb the

140 feet high limestone plateau and treasure hunt for pirates loot in the caves. There are more than 150 species of birds who live close to and among these cliffs, including white barn owl, frigate birds, red-footed booby, tanagers and the fearsome peregrine falcon.  ~  Island Card (visiting Island Y-153) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 368 If you moor Indigo Sails in Baleine Bay when arriving at St.Vincent, you may be able to

finish a long day of hiking up to the Crater Lake and lave dome of La Soufrière volcano with a visit to the Falls of Baleine – a 60 feet high waterfall with a rock enclosed fresh water pool underneath. ~  Ship Card (visiting Island N-103) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 367 Your visit to the Miccosukee Indian Reservation in the Florida Everglades shows the flag of

that Nation with its four bands of colour ~ yellow, red, black and white. This flag signifies the circle of life and the universe spinning around us: Yellow indicates the East with sunrise and life’s beginning: Red points to North and middle age: Black denotes the West and death: White conveys South, the return of the sun and renewal.  ~  Island Card (visiting Caribbean destination Z-159) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 366 While Indigo Sails is moored in view of Petit Nevis, you play a leisurely three sets of

tennis then relax in the “swing seats” on the gorgeous white sands of Friendship Bay, Bequia. In the evening enjoy a lobster barbecue with peas’n’rice, dasheen and plantains, all part of the Tuesday night “Jump-Up” celebrations.  ~  Ship Card (visiting Islands M-87 & M-94) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 365 A stopover on Antigua while aboard ss Caribbean Star allows you to spend the day at the

beach ~ one of the 365 or so on this island. Try either the powder pink sands of Half Moon Bay, the coconut palm shaded Long Bay or perhaps Dickenson Bay’s long, long stretch of white sand. On the way back to the ship stop and catch the last overs of a local cricket match along with an English Cream Tea.  ~  Island Card (visiting Island K-70) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 364 Visiting St.Croix on board ss Neptune, the best way to become acquainted with the reefs and

those who dwell there is by a Shore Excursion to the St.Croix Aquarium and Marine Education Center with its series of changing aquaria and the super staff who explain all about the creation of reefs from coral polyps and the importance of mangrove swamps to marine environments. ~  Ship Card (visiting Island J-67) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 363 Surprise … Surprise. You are the 100,000th passenger to sail aboard the ss Mayan Sun, so

the Captain upgrades your cabin to the “Owner’s Suite” for your seven day cruise to Chimana Grande, Isla de Baru and the Cayos Holandes.  ~  Island Card (visiting Islands Q-114, S-123 & T-128) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 362 Get away for the day on Anegada: Moor Indigo Sails off-shore and do what comes best in the

Caribbean – and especially the Virgin Islands; walk along a deserted beach, become a very relaxed beachcomber, snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, fall in and out of the water, sit on the sand and contemplate life, make peace with your world. Enjoy. ~  Ship Card (visiting Island H-55) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 361 mv Riviera arrives at Guanaja, one of the Bay Islands of Honduras, and you dive the North

Reef System at Black Rock with its series of walled canyons that lace together forming a maze of swim-throughs. In the afternoon visit the South Coast and the wreck of the Jado Trader, with its varied marine population of turtles, eagle rays, small bait fish, groupers and moray eels. ~  Island Card (visiting Island V-137) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 360 While visiting Carriacou on board ss Mayan Sun you see, amid the rolling hills, old stone

Great Houses and windmills – reminders of a colonial past when the Spanish, English, French and Scots fought over and settled this richly agricultural island. From the village of Windward your view on the horizon is the extinct volcanic peak of Petite Martinique rising from the sea. ~  Ship Card (visiting Islands M-86 & M-96) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 359 After arriving at Isla Tigre on board ss Mayan Sun, you visit the Long House (assembly hall)

where one of their leaders is telling the story of how the Kuna Indians fought Spanish troops on the beach at Waka Nono for control of their land in Panama almost five hundred years ago. After centuries of fighting for their rights, the Kuna left the mainland 150 years ago for the safe haven of the San Blas Islands. ~  Island Card (visiting Island T-125) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 358 Part of the fun aboard sv Tradewinds and her sister Clipper Ships are the sailing lessons and

navigation classes that are given by the ship’s officers. This translates to you being high up in the rigging when you spy Mustique and Canouan on the horizon. ~  Ship Card (visiting Islands M-91 & M-95) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 357 The water is clear and the fish are tame off the island of Mayreau, so you are in a great

position to test your new underwater camera and win some great prizes in the “Underwater Shootout” competition on board mv Riviera: On the first day, shooting pictures of tiny corals with a macro set-up; the next day trying to record the most fish of all the competitors; and on the last day looking for the most elusive and rare species of underwater predator. ~  Island Card (visiting Island M-90) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 356 You spend the morning trolling for fish (your lunch) over the side of sv Tradewinds before

the Captain drops anchor off Isla Contoy; then, take the ship’s tender and explore the nature trails of this wild island, trying to see as many of the over 70 resident species of birds as possible: You find orioles, pelican, brown boobies, frigate birds, blue heron, ibis, kingfishers, egrets, flamingo, terns, cormorants and black vultures. ~  Ship Card (visiting Island X-148) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 355 When sv Tradewinds sails from Devil’s Island you travel north along the Guianas coastline

which stretches from the mouth of the River Amazon up to the Orinoco River Basin. You sail to Surinam and Guyana on your voyage and visit with the Indian tribes who inhabit the endangered rain forests alongside the exotic animals, birds, plants and trees. ~  Island Card (visiting Caribbean destinations P-108, P-109 & P-110) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 354 The Tobago Cays are protected by Horseshoe Reef and offer wonderful snorkeling, beautiful

sandy beaches and constant sea breezes for wind surfers. To keep these islands beautiful, please carry out all your debris and litter.  ~  Ship Card (visiting Islands M-98) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 353 On your way north through the Florida Keys on board sv Tradewinds you spend the day at Bahia

Honda State Park’s famous beach; then cycle up to see what the fishermen have caught on Seven Mile Bridge; before you contemplate upon a stunning sunset viewed from the old “Ghost Bridge” amid the ruins of the overseas railroad. ~  Island Card (visiting Island Z-156) 

WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 352 ssc Island Dancer docks at St.Barts in time for the annual Film Festival, where you make a

vow to return to this fantasy playground of white sand beaches and aquamarine waters early next year to visit the two-week-long Music Festival featuring classical and chamber music, also opera and jazz: Or, try to find the time to indulge in St.Barts Festival Gastronomique which celebrates the joys of French cuisine and wine. ~  Ship Card (visiting Island L-80) 

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