Island Cards / Travel Adventure / WorldWide Cruise Line, WWCL, Caribbean Cruise, Board Game, iPhone App

Welcome to everyone …

who is interested in finding out a little more about WorldWide Cruise Line’s Caribbean Cruise iPhone and iPad Apps. The Apps. are abbreviated versions of the physical version of the board game of the same name. The amount of players who can participate in the original board game is limited to ten players, each of whom chooses between a choice of ten different; cruise ships, (mega, large or small), sailing clipper, freighter, swath-technology catamaran, computerized sailing yacht or a 55′ sailing ketch. Players of the mobile Apps. may choose from the above listing also, or any other floating vessel that their imagination will let them sail around and visit the approximately 160 different island destinations that will be visited during your cruise. The good news about the iPhone & iPad Apps. is that any amount of people can play at the same time; single players, families playing together, streets or neighborhoods playing together … ad infinitum

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