Island Cards / Travel Adventure / WorldWide Cruise Line, WWCL, Caribbean Cruise, Board Game, iPhone App

More of a Meditation

on this most beautiful and magical multitude of destinations, than a fully fledged first-person action title. I am especially talking about the iPhone and iPad Apps which I hope will become a daily feature of their users lives. A Decompression, if you like, at the beginning, middle or end of the day; or at any stressful moment … from a NY minute lifestyle into the Caribbean Time Zone. The Caribbean Zone will take you under the water to swim with parrotfish and barracuda in their coral reef and open water habitat; it will let you visit the rain forests with their bananaquit and humming-bird populations living amid the vines and orchids, high above the cougars and ocelots which roam the forest floor. It will take you to, amongst others, the Bahamas, the Exumas, the Leewards, the Grenadines and to Mexican and Honduran Hideaways, a Caribbean delight of sun-kissed islands and blue waters.

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