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The “Message in a Bottle”

theme that is WWCL’s Caribbean Cruise Board Game packaging, came by serendipity, while trying to find game packaging supplies at regular board and box-making companies. So many problems were surfacing in this area that an alternative was looked for; the answer coming out of the blue.

WWCL Caribbean Cruise Board Game in Captain's Chart Tube

The clear polycarbonate Captain’s Chart Tube, with plugs on each end, fitted in with the nautical theme of the game, and also allowed the creation of a different kind of Game Board from the norm. The 20″ x 20″ Game Board is printed on heavyweight paper then heat laminated: All the contents of the Game; 2 dice, 10 Ship/Boat Game Pieces, 200 Island Cards, 200 Ship Cards, marker, laminated scorecard with copies and the Winner’s Envelope, are placed on the reverse side of the laminated Game Board, which is gently rolled up (with all the contents snugly inside) and then pushed into the tube with the Game Board visible through the clear plastic. With the plugs tightly fitting over each end the tube is virtually watertight, (definitely so when taped shut).

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