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The Scariest Word …

in the English language, (in other words, for Westerners), is not so alien to those from far away parts of the world, such as India, Tibet, Thailand, China, Japan and Arabia. All these countries, and many more, have long traditions of using Meditation as a tool to learn more about one’s deepest and innermost being and using this gained knowledge and new-found strength to deal in a more restrained and mature way with the world and those who inhabit it. It seems as if Westerners are happy living on the periphery of their beings, scared to know what is really inside of them, scared to share their deeper selves with others and to deal with others on an equal footing of mutual sincerity.

Those scared by the word meditation seem to be happy to let others live their lives for them ~ to let themselves be led by a current fad or trend ~ be it movie directors and their actors and actresses who might make that summer’s movie blockbuster; the “new face” or “new voice” who is chosen and promoted and pushed (by the music industry) to be that year’s “big star”; or the TV series which is advertised endlessly on the box, so that watchers live their second-hand lives through the little faces and bodies that run around the screen in the corner of the room, cursing, shouting, running, shooting, blowing up, raping or killing on an hourly basis. Or they want a politician to run their life for them; to tell them what they can or can’t do, because they don’t have the time or energy or the will to come to their own conclusions. Or, maybe fashion and this years new suit, handbag, coat, pair of jeans or sunglasses will steal your mind (and heart) away.

And thats what it really is all about ~ The Heart and who has possession of it. Are you awake and aware enough to be in control of your own heart and your life that goes along with it … or does someone else own you?

The only way that you will be able to answer this question is by diving deep into your inner self and finding the real you who is hidden under all those layers of oppression and protection that have built up around you over the course of all the years of your life. It is time for everyone to begin to take responsibility for their own lives, and to do that you must really know your true, innermost self. There are a multitude of different traditions which all tell us that we must find our true selves while we are here on this earth, any of them can be a guide your meditations; I don’t mind which one you choose … but choose to meditate, now, before it is too late.

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