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Déjà Vu, All Over Again.

And so it carries on … More wars, more death, more destruction. The media heavyweights are full of it; newspapers, the weekly mags., the box in the corner, the internet news sites; killing in Iraq, killing in Afghanistan, killing in Libya; and in Egypt its “musical chairs” for the ruling army, who knows what’s happening” in Tunisia and “more killing” in Syria. The more it changes, the more it stays the same.

But these are only the little guys. How many do you have to kill or maim to stop people protesting and make them run for cover? In the US of A it’s 4 (check Kent State); China, a few more (Tiananmen Sq.); Russia, (check how many journalists there have been murdered over the last few years for having the temerity and the absolute COURAGE to dare to tell the Truth); England, well, the English remind me of that story of the man who sees the Devil walking down the road. The Devil has these knotted ropes of varying lengths and thickness hanging around and about his person and the (English) man went up to him and asked why he was carrying these ropes. The Devil replied that the ropes of different thickness were to bind people to his will ~ if someone who he wanted to ensnare had plenty of evil thoughts and bad habits the Devil would use one of his thin ropes to keep this person under his control; if his victim was a good man or woman he would need a heavy rope to keep them held under his sway; if his intended prey was someone who continually rejected all the Devil’s advances and had a good heart, then the Evil One would use his thickest, most coarse, knotted rope to bind and hold fast this troublesome, pure-thinking and pure-acting person so that he (the Devil) would have the time to tear away all their defenses, and batter them into submission. The (English) man was impressed with the Devil’s answer; thought for a moment, then said ~ “What about me?”  “You?” The Devil replied, “For you, I just whistle.”

Virtually nothing is left of the heart of England, of its inner being; over the years it has been sold off to the various highest bidders, reducing its heart to a barren husk with a tarnish of something “the powers that be” call democracy. In my lifetime Management and Capital have inflicted their will on the automobile workers, and by extension, on all workers, backed up by threats of unemployment and poverty: Oil money came and bought up high-priced premium property/real estate helping to create housing bubbles that were bound to burst: US companies took over successful UK companies in continual “cherry-picking & rebranding” expansion maneuvers, creating worldwide monopolies: Money men reallocated to themselves billions upon billions of pounds sterling, then asked you to pay for it; and the latest to buy up English land and businesses are the “oligarchs”, for whom money is no object. None of these groupings could be called democratic, yet UK governments continue to whitewash all their local, economic and foreign affairs decisions with “in the name of and for England and the English people”, invoking the Nationalism Card ~ still the last refuge of scoundrels. All the above Autocracies and Oligarchies worship the god of £¥€$₩, and nothing is too good for this god of Mammon.

The really scary fact is that this has been going on for so long, and we are not given hardly a moment’s rest nor time to reflect upon all this, because we are all too busy working, working, working for the Man, and he won’t let us rest because (apart from the fact that he doesn’t want us to have time to think), he knows we must pay the mortgage, the car payment, the gas and electricity bills, the water rates, phone bills (land & mobile), and most important, (so we can stay “in touch”), we mustn’t be late with that cable TV and internet payment.

WorldWide Cruise Line’s Caribbean Cruise Game iPhone/iPad App shows that the world powers of yesterday (and today) have been battling for all the riches that were to be found in the wider Caribbean area for over 500 years, but it also shows the beauty, kindness and love that the islands and their inhabitants are famous for. There was not a lot of love shared with the indigenous islanders or with the slaves who were imported to do the backbreaking work on the plantations when the British, the French, the Dutch, the Portuguese, the Spanish and later the Americans fought tooth and nail for their share of this planet’s richest plunder amid the palm trees and sugar cane. Nothing has changed; the venue might be different, but the US of A, the UK, Russia and China are all leading the fight to control the last crumbs that are left of a planet ravaged by man-made wars, pestilence and famine. Mothers and fathers, if you do one thing, play this game with your children … give them a chance to understand this world from an early age … they are our only hope of returning some love and sanity back to man’s governance of the earth; if it is not already too late.

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