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NEEDED: A Daily Spiritual Practice

~ so that whenever you want you can take a time-out, feel a part of something bigger than yourself … perhaps give yourself up to a higher power and let yourself flow for five or ten minutes ~ so that your inner & outer light and love can have some moments of peace & tranquillity and time to regenerate and flourish. If you don’t feel happy with any of the major Traditions of reflection, contemplation and meditation, then WorldWide Cruise Line’s Island Cards and Ship Cards offer a getaway from your workspace, school playground, household chores, retail therapy or bus journey.

Just close your eyes … and step inside, (O.K., if you’re on the bus, tube or subway, you might want to only 1/2 close your eyes).

WWCL’s 400 Island and Ship Cards will on a daily basis give you an insight into another world ~ one that is a random selection (by way of the accelerometer on your iPhone or iPad) of 160 different Caribbean Island destinations surrounded by golden, black, white or pink sands and (mostly) crystal-clear blue, aquamarine or azure seas. This is a world away from the modern cities and so-called “civilization” of the supposedly “real” world; that is unless you are blessed to be a citizen of these islands or a frequent visitor.

The people of the islands have lived a mixed blessing, surrounded by and living in the fullness of this earth’s natural beauty and bounties ~ the only problem is that the powers that be have coveted all these natural beauties as a hideaway from the drab drudgeries of their over-populated cities, and have also pillaged and plundered the natural resources of the wider Caribbean basin, starting with the stolen booty of gold, silver and jewels of the Spanish Main soon after Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492. So … much war, plunder, slavery, conquest and re-conquering of islands by the British, French, Spanish, Dutch and American pirates and privateers of yesteryear, and also their more modern counterparts.

So much beauty and natural wonder is to be found in the daily WWCL Island Card or Ship Card, but players will also see plenty of examples of man’s inhumanity to man over these last 500 or so years of Caribbean history, arts and culture. Touching base on a daily basis with the WWCL Cards in this game can facilitate a re-connection with your inner self, spirit and energy. Daily practice of reflection and contemplation on the information in each of these cards will help build your inner energy, light and love. We are all beings of light and love … but we have to work on ourselves and polish this light to help us to grow into fully mature, optimally functioning human beings.

Close your eyes, and go inside …

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