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WWCL Caribbean Cruise Game: WARNING ~

Playing this game will have Consequences ~ because the game is serious, not an inconsequential cartoon to while away your time. This game is an opportunity to begin to take control of your life … and thereby change things for the better, because this game will help you to focus on the important things that have possibly been neglected by us all because of those outside influences that are constantly pulling and tugging at our sleeves to lead us away from our inner centre, our inner being ~ that inner self which we have probably been neglecting in our daily battle to keep pace with this 24 hour-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 52 weeks-a-year, 366 days-every-leap-year kind of life that we are struggling to come to terms with.

The good news is that when we start to take control of our lives, good things start to happen to us and to those around us. When we spend a little concentrated, quality time with ourselves, (when we leave the material world of dollars and cents, when we can jump off the ever-turning wheel of the rat-race that is this life), then we find that we can have better concentration, which makes for improved focus, decision making and actions on items that should be dealt with; this helps to give us a more centered outlook on life, because this new, sharper focus is coming from a position of strength caused by us tapping into our real, inner, heart-felt feelings; and when we bring our Heart to bear on any problem, then the Love that is in our hearts (if we let ourselves find it), will surely guide us to make the right decisions when needed. This will lead to a letting-go of some of our selfishness and petty jealousies, and when we can begin to let go of the many hinderances which our constant dealings with the material world build up out of all proportion to their real worth (or lack of it) in our lives, then our physical bodies may find improvements beyond our previous expectations; we may also begin to find more compassion for, and understanding of, others around us, and that will lead onwards to a better appreciation of Nature, and all living beings and things (animal, vegetable and mineral) on this Planet.

All these improvements build on one another and continue in a circle, similar to that circle that the rat makes when he is on his treadmill; the difference is that you have now taken charge, you have started listening to your real Inner Self, and that inner you will not let you down; it deals from the positive, not from the negative. This is no longer a negative vicious circle, but a new positive, self-reinforcing circle of Love, which, IF you continue to return to your inner self on a regular, (hopefully daily) basis, spending more time to delve deeper onto your inner being and all the goodness that there is inside of your heart and build on this light and love that you are made up of, then, just maybe …..

So. This game is a game of  Contemplation, Reflection and Meditation. When you are in contemplation you will learn to bring concentration and focus to bear on issues that you wish to resolve; with reflection, you will guide yourself in the correct direction; and with meditation you will, given time, go to the deepest, innermost part of yourself, and you will find the answer that you need.

When you play WorldWide Cruise Line’s Caribbean Cruise, each day for 400 days you will find a new Island Card or Ship Card on your iPhone or iPad, to greet your day. The Cards tell small stories about 160 different Caribbean Islands, each one fabulous and beautiful, sun-kissed and hurricane-plagued. The Cards celebrate different facets of the life (and sometimes death) of these islands and the people who have lived on them from 500 years ago up to the present day. Please take a few minutes to reflect on this daily Card; try to find a quiet space on your own, with no likely interruption; try to sit straight-backed on a chair with a firm seat or cross-legged on a cushion on the floor; try to ignore the sounds or noises that normally we allow ourselves to be influenced by ~ try to let them come and go, acknowledged and then discarded; try to let yourself de-stress and relax; pay attention to the essence of the feeling that you felt when reading the Card,

and … Breathe …

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