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Don’t Live Vicariously,

through others. Live your own life; if you love sports then go outside and play football or tennis or mountain bike … don’t watch it on TV, don’t bother with the magazines or the newspaper articles, don’t even bother with going to the game on Saturday, that’s your day too, go out into the park, play for real and hone your skills. You are the one that matters. If you like video games, what kind? FirstPersonShooter? Then why not join the Army or Navy or Air Force, they will pay you, they will train you, and then they will find a war for you to go and kill people in. You can’t get more real than that ~ especially if those other guys are shooting back with live ammo. Get real. Or do you “like to listen to music”; well then, go and buy an instrument and practice, practice, practice on it, and/or learn how to read and write music, then write a song for someone. Do something, don’t let others live your life for you, don’t just read about it or admire/hero-worship a supposed “star” in their field and let them blind you to the fact that he/she has paid his/her dues with sweat, blood and tears over many, many painful years to get to where they are now, and their marketing team/their PR gurus/their sponsors/and their entire advertising budget & it’s director and gofers ONLY JOB is to sell their brand on to anyone who reads a (free) newspaper, watches (someone’s) TV, has access to a internet-connected computer or a smartphone, or who reads an advert or billboard on the way to work. All those people in that team are working for and protecting their cash cow ~ the person who cashes their paychecks, and that team/highly trained attack unit will be throwing as much stuff against the wall, trying to make as much of that stuff stick to you, and you, and you, and YOU, and YOU.

The other matter to consider is; what did all these “successful” stars have to do to get them to where they are now? What (or who) did all the so-called winners of this world have to do to to reach the pinnacle of their chosen field? How many dodgy deals does a politician have to make, how many character assassinations have to be done (by one’s Team) to become a senator or congressman? How many inside trades/deals does a banker/stockbroker have to make before he becomes a mister of the universe? How many bodies does a soldier have to bayonet, shoot, kill or maim before he/(also now she) becomes a multi-starred general? How many slippery casting couches does the star(let) have to grace before signing that contract? What and who do you have to do to get on the front page of the New York Times? Then tell me if it’s true or not that those tribes in darkest Africa whose witch-doctors/wise men/shamans said many years ago that they didn’t want their supposedly civilized invaders/conquerors/missionaries using their cameras to take pictures of the tribal members because every picture they took of a person stole a part of their soul. Look at all the people who are in the limelight who over time have become so diminished that they are a shadow/a husk of their former selves; so many people have torn off a piece of them, pulled them every which way, so that there is no central being any more, no spirit nor soul, just a wraith inhabited and sucked dry by their demons.

Why does the media make such a big deal of hero-worshipping the winners in the world? Yes, they have applied themselves to their task; but they have all seriously lusted after their desires, been single minded about their goals, and been ready, willing and able to claw, scratch and crawl over the bodies of the people who get in their way. What kind of heros are these? Are we meant to emulate this? No, surely not. If everyone was like this then where would the world be? ~ Permanently at war, probably … Well, now that I mention it, that seems to be pretty close to the way we are now. So surely there is something wrong with this idolizing of those in the fashion industry, the music industry, professional footballers (NFL/Premier League), Olympians, misters of industry, sales and marketing honchos, politicians, movie stars, media moguls and that old chestnut ~ royalty. If I mention royalty, it is only that the story of the English king Henry VII comes to mind; who, when after being thwarted in his desires by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket, (who the king himself had ordained), in 1170 raged at a group of his knights, purportedly uttering the words “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?”, leading to four of Henry’s knights traveling to Canterbury Cathedral and hacking the Archbishop to death with their swords.

Not much accountability in those days … none today.

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