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WWCL Meditation Olympic, Day 1

While people with iPhones or iPads may purchase and play the WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Board Game App. (an abbreviated version of the game), in its full technicolor glory, with all its bells and whistles (well, at least 1 bell/gong sound effect from a far away eastern Temple), I am making the daily Island Card or Ship Card available on this WordPress blog, offering them as an antidote, in order to help people (especially those in London and the U.K., but also WorldWide) to gain some moments of quiet, stillness and hopefully inner peace, away from the constant noise of advertising and propaganda that will be assaulting our senses for the next year and more.

The 400 Cards, (200 Island Cards and 200 Ship Cards) are being offered to coincide with the run-(oops, sorry)-up to the ridiculously overblown, hideously over budget, “being offered long-past its original sell by date”, London 2012 Olympics. The main question we must ask ourselves is this ~ Why the heck does the world still need the Olympics? Doesn’t the world and its population have other much more important things to be doing with their lives as opposed to watching a state-sponsored propaganda machine spinning the wonders of a few professional athletes who have been fed by, clothed by and paid-to-train by public taxes for the last few years. All that money and fame for the elite few … instead of putting all those funds at the disposal of the general population ~ the kids and grown-ups of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, for gym memberships, parks, tennis courts, football pitches, swimming pools, yoga or Tai Chi classes, bicycle lanes, community centres and much, much more.

But the reason why we are here is to publish the first Island or Ship Card of this Board Game, and to let any and all readers reflect, contemplate and hopefully gain some moments of peace and stillness as they take a few minutes away from their busy schedules to try and delve beneath the surface of the words printed on each card. Take this opportunity over the course of the next, approximately 400 days, (one Card each day), to Fall in Love with the Caribbean, it’s Islands and their people. Let Love awaken in your heart.

Island Card  (visiting Islands  A-4, B-9 & C-15 on the scorecard).

~ The sign at the entrance to Bill Baggs state recreation area on Key Biscayne says it all. “The people need parks, room to run and recline, to listen to the soft drawl of the sea”. Remember this on your four day cruise on board ssc Island Dancer to the North Island of Bimini and Windermere Island. ~

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