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Leyla and Majnun ~ a Poem …

an Epic Romantic Poem of Love, or at least, a part of one. These lines of said poem perhaps sum up man’s predicament here on earth, how little he is in control of his own destiny, and his need to overcome and transcend his own selfish desires and ego (or as some might say ~ his “nafs”) before he can return to his

“For the sake of one wish yet unfulfilled he thought but little of everything else that heaven had granted him.
This is how human beings are made!
If prayers remain unanswered, do we ever reflect that it may be for our good?
We feel sure that we know our needs, yet the future is veiled from our eyes.
The thread of our fate ends outside the visible world and what today we mistake for a padlock keeping us out,
we may tomorrow find to be a key that let’s us in.”

~ Nizami Ganjavi ~

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