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A TASTE (Dhawg) …

is all that WorldWide Cruise Line’s Caribbean Cruise Board Game (and this blog) can offer anyone interested in learning about the realities of the world that surrounds us. More importantly, it is hoped that this game can also offer a taste of our inner world which is to be found by reflection, contemplation and meditation. Everything else, all the research and hard work, that has to come from you.

In the 400 Island and Ship Cards of this game we are shown more than 500 years of Caribbean history and culture, war and peace, sea and sand, and that is just the beginning of the journey … The game has been designed to be played by family and friends of all ages, in the time-honored tradition of games across the centuries and around the world, to help illuminate and educate (especially those of tender years who can apprehend and also intuitively understand much more than perhaps older persons may appreciate).

The daily Ship Card seems today (31/10/11, Day 80) to be appropriate to the climate in the outside world at this moment of time, showing how our present day problems mirror those of oppressed peoples hundreds and hundreds of years ago … Plus ça change; plus c’est la même chose … In recent months and years we have many examples of people who have paid an ultimate sacrifice to tell the world about the gross inequalities that men and women suffer in the hands of colonial powers, monopolists, tyrants and dictators ~ perhaps if we let our children see the truth from an early age, then these martyrs would not have had to pay that ultimate price.

For more information about Dominica, Grenada and their people, culture and history please see this link 

For a guidance in meditation;

sit quietly
close your eyes
breathe gently
let the mind become still
come to feel your real inner self
allow truth to arise from within


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