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WWCL Caribbean Cruise Game Board

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for The Board Game  ~

Also included in the Board Game package are:
Playing Pieces: For up to ten players; a variety of different cruise ships, (ranging from small to mega-sized), also a choice of freighter, super yacht, catamaran, computerized sailing yacht, sailing clipper and 50 foot sailing ketch.
Score Card: By which individual players keep track of the different islands that they have visited. The Score Card features 160 different Caribbean Island destinations, featuring 24 naturally occurring Island Groups (for example, the islands of the Bahamas, the Exumas, the islands of the Dutch, French, Honduran, Mexican or Venezuelan Caribbean, the Florida Keys or the Virgin Islands, among others).
200 Island Cards and 200 Ship Cards, which tell of over 500 years in the history, culture, battles, landmarks, rain forests, beaches, flora and fauna (in the skies, on land and below the waves of the beautiful blue waters), festivals, indigenous peoples, religions, hikes, local cuisine, art, literature, sailing regattas, scuba and snorkel dive sites, music, pirates and carnivals.
Extra copies of Score Card, pencil and eraser.
Rules and Regulations.
Two dice.
The Winner’s Envelope.

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