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WorldWide Cruise Line Caribbean Cruise Day 26 One of the most exciting sailing trips ever made in the Caribbean was the 1997 voyage made by

a handful of Kalinago (Carib Indians of Dominica), who, according to their art of canoe building, chopped down a huge gommier tree, hollowed it out and “opened” (stretched and warped) it; they then fitted a sail on which a Gli Gli (small fierce hawk revered by ancient Carib warriors) motif was daubed. These proud warriors then reversed their ancestors footsteps and sailed to St.Vincent, Grenada and Trinidad, before arriving at the Kabakaburi community on the Pomeroon river in Guyana over 700 miles away from their home. ~ Ship Card (visiting Islands N-102, N-103, N-104, P-105, P-108) 

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