WorldWide Cruise Line’s Caribbean Cruise Board Game is a celebration of one of the most beautiful destinations on our planet: It is also a commentary on over 500 years of the culture, history, politics and evolution of the 160 island destinations that may be visited over the course of the game. It is probably one of the the slowest-moving games ever invented, and this is a deliberate choice; the Game runs on Caribbean Time, old Cruise Ship Time, when travelers took a cruise to relax and get away from “it all”; to find their inner bearings while all around them a hurricane rages; to re-establish contact with their inner selves and to spend quality time with loved ones. With this Game I am trying to balance the playing field which is full of First and Third Person Shooter (War) Games and animated cartoon action titles ~ and this Caribbean Cruise leaves those games dead in the water for those brave enough to delve into the scariest subject in the English language (see post of same name).

This is a game for both a single player or all the family to play and to interact with one another, whether it is played on the physical board game version or on the iPhone/iPad App. This game moves to Island Time, letting players gain an understanding of the world and it’s people by way of 400 Island Cards and Ship Cards which highlight the natural resources, activities, and people of the Islands. Hopefully, players will use this game to find moments of quiet in their lives, to find the time for reflection and contemplation upon nature and our fellow travelers on this journey; to delve deep into the most important person in your lives … yourself, so that you may inter-act with the world using a mind open to all the possibilities, and a heart full of Love.


WWCL Caribbean Cruise Board Game

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